OSS MegaMenu

  • This module does not manage menu items. To manage such operations like menu items title, type, order and parent go to the menu manager. This module adds additional elements(icon, subtitles etc) to existing menu items and do nice style. Dashboard
  • Version Lite has about 100 icons.
    You should simply select any.
    Click any menu item, then “Select icon” and select from dropdown list.
    But you can use all icons of Font Awesome using icon field.
    Go to site https://fontawesome.com/v5/search?o=r&m=free
    Select any icon just typing a few symbols, for example for arrows just type “ar”, it will filter them.
    Then click on selected icon, you will see popup with code. You will not be able to copy whole code of icon like <i class=”fas fa-arrows-alt-v”></i>(unfortunately it’s not possible to copy class) but you need only class/ So use any text aditor pass it there, and copy class.
    Example – in icon code <i class=”fas fa-arrows-alt-v”></i> class is in brackets ie fas fa-arrows-alt-v
    Then past class into filed Icon Select and Icon Past into form
  • If you want to add any specific style to your module use custom css Click 3rd tab Additional Parameters, and at the bottom you will see text field CSS Overwrite. Pass there any code you want
    Example – how to change menu background
    Use browser tool to get menu id, if you have more than one OSS menu. Also you can simply use this #oss-menu- plus module id(you can get in module list – last digits in row is ID)
    If you have the only menu use class omm-dir for example module id is 110 #oss-menu-110{background: #eeeeee} for class .omm-dir {background: #eeeeee} Past css code
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